Cellarman Kiosk

Our wine kiosk, or information center can truly improve your wine experience and knowledge of our wines.  When you select a bottle of wine from our "lay-down" racks and scan the bottle on the kiosk, you can learn many things.  First you will notice the "wine-makers notes", which tell you of the aromas, mouthfeel, and the finish taste along with some of the fruits and occasional spices used.  Most wines will have the price listed along with possible food pairings. 
Information you will find include variety listings (i.e. Chardonnay, Cabernet, etc), region produced, closure method, best used between dates, and sometimes vineyard details.
Once scanned, you can make a physical print-out to keep for future reference, or to impress your guests with your new-found knowledge.  The kiosk also has the ability to send the data to your home email address, or a friend's email address.
Along with other information, you can search for similar wines and also food pairings.  The kiosk will show you the wines that we carry that would best compliment the meals you plan to cook.  For the true experts, you can select the country or region that your perfer wines from.

This kiosk can do just about anthing except drink the wine for you!